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Author Jack London wrote, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” He probably wasn’t talking about Key Club, but there’s isn’t a club quite as inspiring. So unite your club for leadership and service with Key Club t-shirts that are guaranteed to inspire!


You want to change the world, so you work hard to serve. Order Key Club T-Shirts that show the world you came to make a difference! And guess what? Your Key Club gets custom t-shirt design for free from professional designers who can make your vision a reality.


Work with your Impact Spirit Wear designer to create the best Key Club t-shirts ever! Design is free and so is shipping! All you pay for is the shirts and the printing. Start by browsing the templates below!

One thing you can count on from Key Club is that y’all know how to get LOUD!! When Key Club conventions come to town, you can be sure to hear it through the walls. Check out the thunderous sound of this Key Club Spirit Competition from 2012.


(Check out the girl with the freshly dyed red hair. Then check out her friend right next to her. Her hands are still bright pink from doing the dyeing!!)


It’s this kind of incredible spirit that brings out the best in today’s young people. Lives of servant leadership lead to more servant leaders today and into the future. Did you know Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Alan Jackson, and President Clinton were all Key Clubbers? And your club will be as famous as these dudes if you get the right shirts! Okay, maybe not, but the good things you do will change the world!


Because you serve sacrificially, we want to make ordering t-shirts the easiest thing you do all year. Our no-hassle service allows you to build you your own customized Pop-up store that makes fundraising and ordering a snap. Each clubber orders and pays for his/her shirts from home. The shirts arrive right on time so you can hand them out for your next volunteer activity or convention.

“Key Club is a club that makes keys. Keys to success and happiness.” – Amanda Wong, KCI Alum


Serving in the community provokes an interesting reversal for many students. Often what is intended to help and build up others, helps and builds the Key Clubber even more. Key Club Alum Steven Tan described his first volunteer experience like this: “I dreaded planting, pruning and fertilizing the endless rows of chitalpa tree saplings, However, after seeing the buds bloom into vibrant pink blossoms over the next few months, I felt a part of me blooming as well.”


And that same phenomenon happens for Key Club students around the world. When you help others, you end up helping yourself. Read more of Steven’s story HERE.


That’s why we exist – to provide everyday leaders like you with world class service and results so that you can continue serving the world! Impact Spirit Wear desires to stand with your Key Club as you do things that will shape who you are and who you’re destined to become. Fill out the form below to connect with your Impact Spirit Wear designer and create an awesome design for your school’s Key Club, community service, volunteer project, or DCON t-shirts. Expert design and shipping is free for your Key Club t-shirts. 

We Love Key Clubs!

What you do is changing the world! That’s why we exist – to champion your Key Club by creating the best possible design just for you! You’ll get amazing shirts, that look great and arrive on time, without any of the headache. Let’s make your club look amazing for your next Volunteer Activity.


Our Guarantee

If the goal is to get your Key Club out into the community serving, then ugly shirts and crummy service only get in the way. We guarantee your order will arrive right on time and looking great! The process is fun and simple –  and you get to talk to a real human being. If something doesn’t meet your expectations, we promise to make it right. Guaranteed!

Free Shipping

Want free shipping? You got it! Your Key Club t-shirts arrive in 14 days via our FREE Ground Service. Need it sooner? Rush delivery drops in 8 days. Not fast quick enough? “Miracle Delivery” arrives in 3-6 days! Shipping times based on shipping within the 48 contiguous United States. Call us at 1-800-704-5578, or visit our shipping & delivery page for details. Rush orders welcome!

Free Design

Wanna get creative? Your Impact Spirit Wear designer is at your beck and call. We provide a professional artist to create an amazing Key Club t-shirt design for free! Free design is part of the deal. Tell us your ideas and your designer will make it a reality. Artwork, official logos, and images can be added for free. Get a perfect design everybody will love!

It’s not about shirts. It’s about others.

Yes, our business focuses on t-shirts, but that’s not what we do. We thrive on providing everyday leaders with world class service and results. We are passionate about equipping students to become the leaders they were made to be. Your Key Club t-shirts serve to create unity and pride for every member as they serve the needs in your community. And we believe that what your Key Club does is making the world a better place. Impact Spirit Wear is a small team of professional creatives who want to help students achieve their full potential! Thanks for selecting Impact Spirit Wear for your custom Key Club t-shirts.


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