Robotics Club T-Shirts

Reading, (w)Riting, (a)Rithmetic, and ROBOTICS! While your team sets gears, writes code, and cranks up the power, you’ll design the coolest robotics club t-shirt any humanoid could want!


Build the unity of your robotics team with t-shirts they’ll love! Get free custom design from an award winning design team. Choose the right colors and styles from thousands of options. And make the process quick and easy with your own online school store! Delivery is guaranteed to be on time, every time!


You and your Impact Spirit Wear designer will work together to create the perfect robotics club t-shirt that everybody will love – humans and androids alike.

Robotics learning isn’t as new as we think. 100 years ago, students were pushing their engineering and mechanical skills forward with Tinker Toys and Erector Sets. While sci-fi literature, comics, and film filled our imaginations with the potential of robotic beings, real-world engineers were developing an incredible future with robots at the center of manufacturing, exploration, and defense. Today, from vending DVD rentals to vacuuming our carpets, robots are far more part of our everyday life than we’re even aware of.


Choose one of these designs as a template to customize or tell us your fresh idea. Impact Spirit Wear designer will work with you to create the coolest robotics club t-shirts on this planet – or any other!

Your students are poised to take the next great technological step forward. Each new project they take on, whether they succeed or fail, they are being prepared for a incredible new world that they are going to build themselves!


Robotics is fast becoming as important to core learning as the basics. In today’s highly competitive and technology-driven culture, robotics provides opportunity for your students to explore tons of fundamental subjects like computer science, engineering (mechanical, electrical, control, electronic), technology, math, and science. Imagine how this platform of skills will prepare your students for the most exciting and important careers of the future.


Here are the Top 5 Robotics advances of the past decade:

#5 i-Limb Robotic Hand by TouchBionics: This prosthetic hand is capable of light touch, power grip and can be attached to the nerves to restore the patient’s sense of touch.


#4 Robot Surgeon: In 2006, a robot equipped with data on 10,000 real operations performed an unassisted surgical procedure on a 34-year-old man’s heart.


#3 Roomba by iRobot: The first domestic robot nearly everybody bought, Roomba zooms around the room vacuuming your floors without instruction, then plugs itself in to recharge.


#2 Asimo by Honda: ASIMO walks, runs and turns, navigates uneven surfaces, climbs stairs, recognizes faces, and maps its environment to avoid obstacles.


And the number one robotics advance of the past decade is…

#1 Mind Controlled Robot by BrainGate: With chip implanted in the brain, two stroke patients used their minds to command a robotic arm. The robot’s computer decodes neural signals in real-time!



We Love Your Spirit!

Your robotics team works hard to build the future. We want to join you in building their unity. Matching shirts are one thing, but a design that captures the personality and power of team is another. You’ll get an amazing design without hassle and you can get back to assembling the best team of robot builders this side of Ryloth. We want to celebrate your team. Send pics of them in their shirts with their bots!

Our Guarantee

Ordering t-shirts might be new to you. Or maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past. Our process was created to make it easy on you. We guarantee we’ll deliver the highest quality screen printed t-shirts you’ve ever had! And our custom shirts come with this guarantee. If your robotics club t-shirts aren’t just right or don’t arrive on time, we WILL make it right!

Free Shipping

Free? Really?! You got that right. Your custom robotics club t-shirts will arrive within 14 days via Impact Spirit Wear’s FREE “Ground Service.” Need it faster? “Rush Service” delivers within 8 days. Still not soon enough? “Miracle Delivery” lands in 3-6 days! Order times reflect orders shipped within the 48 contiguous United States. Call us for details at 1-888-812-4044, or visit our shipping & delivery page. Rush orders are welcome!

Free Design

If you think you’re not creative, think again. You have an Impact Spirit Wear designer at your service to create an awesome design – for free! Free custom design is part of the deal. Bring your best ideas to the table, and your designer will help you bring it to life. Add your own logos and color combos. Soon you’ll have a beautiful – and wearable – work of art that everybody will love!

It’s not about t-shirts. It’s about unity.

You might imagine that all we think about is shirts. But the truth is we’re wild about unity. From our company’s team culture to our private lives, we’re a ragtag band of designers and creative professionals who love to help your teams stand out and stand together. For over 25 years, we’ve linked arms (human and robotic) with schools to help them capture and express the power of team. Thanks for choosing Impact Spirit Wear for your custom robotics club t-shirts.

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