Carrying out the school year is both a sprint and a marathon. When you’ve got a lot on your plate and fast approaching deadlines, sometimes you just can’t wait two weeks for t-shirts and we’d love to help! With our rush shipping services, your students will have their gear in time for the field trip, that pep rally and the playoff game! Just fill out the form below to submit a request, and let us know when you need your shirts by–we’ll put you in front of the line and get you a free mockup as soon as possible. As soon as you’re happy, we’ll process your order and get it to you in within one week! If you need your shirts in less than a week, please call us here at 800-704-5578.

Rush Order Tees

Fill out this form to tell us what you need and when. Have a sketch or photos for inspiration? Upload those too!

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How does the design process work?
Our design process is easy! Start by customizing a design template here, or submit a custom design request here. We will get started on a mockup for you, and get in contact with you within one business day. We will work with you until your perfectly happy with your design, all free of charge. Once we’ve got it right, we’ll proceed with the other details of your order like sizes and quantities. We’d love to chat with you about your idea! Please give us a call 800-704-5578.
What are your prices?
The best way to find out how much your shirts will cost is by selecting a t-shirt template you like and reviewing it’s specific pricing details. There you can see how different factors like shirt type or number of inks will affect the price. Our master price list is also available for general pricing estimates. You will also be happy to know that we never charge for artwork or set up, and 2 week delivery is free!
What do you charge for shipping?
 2-week delivery is totally free to addresses (sorry, no P.O. boxes) in the United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska. If you need your shirts sooner, please call us for an estimate! We do our best to keep our shipping cost as low as possible.

About Impact Spirit Wear

Since 1993 we have been passionate about creating designs for the great people we work with.  We were founded with the idea that every order needs to have the best possible design.  Many of our clients didn’t have a budget for top notch design.  We decided to do something bold, We did it for free.  This is a big deal, people couldn’t believe it, while other companies charged around $60 per hour we were willing to do it for free!  We realized that the design is multiplying factor in any product that we make.  We also think of our customers as more like friends than anything and so we were willing to serve them this very important way so that we knew they were getting the best possible end product possible.
Here we are well over 25 years later still providing the same service that we started to provide back in 1993.  Except now it’s better than ever. With Specific design ideas and an entire staff of expert designers ready to serve you.
If you have any questions about how to get started or how we can serve you give us a call today – 800-704-5578 or email us at