Together we will create the sweetest marching band t-shirts you’ve ever seen. We all know that football exists to support marching band half-time shows. The core of school spirit comes from the steady beat of the drum line, the melodic flow of the winds, and the righteous blasts from the brass. You’re first on the field and last on the bus. Let your t-shirts declare the truth… your marching band is the reason we cheer!


MARK TIME HUT!! Early in the morning. Late into the night. In blazing sun and drenching rain. Breathing controlled. Knees high. Eyes front. Fortissimo dynamic! Marching band is turning your everyday students into the most disciplined, loudest and proudest group in town! Your custom band shirts will pull it all together as you take the music to the streets.

Marching Band Rocks

It’s not hard to see why everybody loves your school marching band. When the team is down, you lift them up. When the floats are flat, you turn the parade into a party! You are also in good company. Tons of celebrities were in band, including Tommy Lee (percussion), Samuel L. Jackson (trumpet), Steven Tyler (trumpet), Gwen Stefani (flute), Ewan MacGregor (french horn), Kesha (sax), Aretha Franklin (tuba) and President Bill Clinton (sax)!

Personal Designer

We’re here to help your marching band dreams come true! Somewhere between the piccolo and the Sousaphone, you’ve got a professional graphic designer in the band who is ready to get to work. Your Impact Spirit Wear designer will work with you to create a marching band shirt design that makes “band geek” the best compliment you could get.


And if you’re looking for just the right tagline for your shirts, check out our hilarious list of Marching Band Quotes HERE.

Maybe we can’t all play with the intensity of the Boston Crusaders’ keyboard player. But nothing beats the passion and dedication of your marching band. And for good reason. Aside from the obvious benefits of hyping up the crowd and cranking school spirit up to eleven, there are proven benefits to each band member that will impact their entire lives for the better.


Here’s our Top 5 benefits of being in Marching Band:

  1. Friends: When you’re in band, you’re with family – a loud, high-stepping, mud-mushing, farmer-tanned, roll-stepping, bus-rocking family that you’ll love for the rest of your life!
  2.  Musicianship: Practicing for a concert takes time. Add marching practice and you’re improving on your instrument double or triple the time!
  3. Time Management: With so many hours dedicated to practice, competition, parades, and games, you’re forced (in a good way) to do more with your time than your fellow students.
  4. Diversity: Like all the instruments in the band, your marching band is a generous mix of all kinds of people gathered together to cooperate, laugh, and learn together.
  5. Exercise: Sure we complain about long hours on our feet, but let’s be honest, we’ve never been in better shape in our lives. March on!



We Love Your Spirit!

Your marching band works hard to boost school spirit. We love that! So we’re committed to get in step with you to give them the shirts they deserve. You need a design that captures the personality of your band. We created our process to be easy. You’ll get a killer design without hassle so you can get right back making awesome (and loud) music. Help us celebrate your band. Send pics of them wearing their shirts at practice or on the bus!

Our Guarantee

Custom t-shirts can be a hassle. But not at Impact Spirit Wear. Our process was created for you to be fun and simple. We’re confident you’ll get the perfect shirts when you need them. We promise to deliver the best screen printed t-shirts you’ve ever had… guaranteed! And we stand behind our promise. If your marching band shirts aren’t what you ordered or don’t arrive right on time, we’ll make it right! That’s a promise.

Free Shipping

You heard right. Free! Your custom marching band shirts will arrive within 14 days via our FREE “Ground Service.” Need it quicker? Our “Rush Service” delivers within 8 days. Still not fast enough? “Miracle Delivery” arrives in 3-6 days! Order times reflect orders shipped within the 48 contiguous United States. Call for details at 1-888-812-4044, or visit our shipping & delivery page.

Free Design

Need a little help with the graphics? No prob. You’ve got an Impact Spirit Wear designer at your service ready to create an amazing design FOR FREE! Custom design is part of the deal. Bring your ideas and your designer will help you make it a reality. Add your logos, school colors, and images at no cost. Before you know it, you’ll have the perfect shirt that looks great and screams cool! In a hurry? Rush orders are welcome.

Band first. Shirts second.

So what if shirts are our business. Our mission is to help you create unity in your band, so that’s the priority. We’re a bunch of creative professionals, artists, and designers who work together in harmony to create something beautiful (kinda like your band). And we love to help build the unity of your band and school. For 25 years now, we’ve locked step with schools like yours to express the pride and talent they embody. Thanks for choosing Impact Spirit Wear for your custom marching band t-shirts.

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