High School Sports Scores

What’s more exciting than the thrill of High School sports! And with so much fun at the tips of your fingers (thank you, internet!) you can always know the score! Thanks to the great people at ScoreStream, we’ve collected all the High School sports scores from the Top 10 States.


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Alabama High School Sports Scores

Are you a Bama sports fan? We’ve got all the scores right here. These kids have what it takes to become champions!

California High School Sports Scores

The game is on way out West! These Left Coast athletes hold nothing back to prove they’ve got what it takes. Go Cali!

Florida High School Sports Scores

Go! Fight! Latest scores from the Sunshine State. Who’s gonna become the next big thing at FSU? These young Athletes are out to prove something.

Georgia High School Sports Scores

They grow ’em big down here. No matter if they’re raised in the heart of ‘Lanta, or out in the country, Georgia’s young athletes fight and fight hard!

Illinois High School Sports Scores

The great State of Illinois turns out some of the most talented athletes in the country. They’ve got the heart, the power, and the spirit. Don’t count them out!

Maryland High School Sports Scores

The NCAA recently tweeted that the Old Line State is near the top for performance in every high school sport. Best all around? You better watch out for Maryland!

Michigan High School Sports Scores

Rain or snow, Michigan athletes stand tall and bring the fight. Who will rise to the top in the Wolverine State this year? These are champions in the making.

Ohio High School Sports Scores

OOOOOOOO-HIIIIIII-OOOOOOOO! Loud and proud, the Buckeye State boasts some of the toughest and fastest players around.

Texas High School Sports Scores

You know why they say, “don’t mess with Texas?” Because they know you don’t stand a chance! It’s gonna be a brawler this year.

Wisconsin High School Sports Scores

Believe the hype! Wisconsin athletes know how to win. They consistently produce some of the greatest college players in the country. Let’s go!!