Walk-a-thons & Jog-a-thons are an amazing way to raise money for your school. If you’re feeling a little lost, or this is your school’s first time hosting one, we’re here to help! Below is a step-by-step guide to planning, preparing, promoting and hosting a walk- or jog-a-thon!



Why host a walk-a-thon fundraiser?

  • Walk-a-thons get students active and working together
  • They create a way for parents to get involved
  • They’re budget-friendly! All you need are sign up materials, small incentives like t-shirts and pizza parties and day-of participant supplies.
  • Walk-a-thons are downright fun! The school raises funds, the students have a good time and win prizes, and the parents get to watch their kids!


1. Elect a planning staff

2. Figure out what you’re raising money for, and pick a goal.

  • Is it to hire new teachers? Repairing, or remodeling? Pick a goal and the amount you need to achieve it. make sure the amount is reasonable to what each student can raise.

3. Choose a date

  • Make sure it’s a day that won’t be too hot or too cold, and you’ll have access to your walking location!

4. Make an incentivizing plan

  • What prizes/benefits will you offer to students to inspire them to get sponsors? some ideas include: pizza parties, movie day in class, t-shirts, toys and gift cards.
  • Determine how you’ll collect funds and when.

5. Get all your paper materials ready

  • Everyone loves paperwork! Look down below at the planning materials for all the things you’ll need.
  • Determine when you’ll collect the sponsor pledge forms 

6. Promote your event!

  • Do this with regular announcements, banners, take home flyers

7. Rent/Acquire everything you need for the day of.

  • Make sure you have First Aid kids, water, snacks, and a method to keep track of students’ laps. See the full list down below.

8. Host the walk-a-thon!

  • Arrive early and ensure your teachers and/or volunteers are ready to track laps and make sure kids are all taken care of. Stick to your start and end times
  • Have fun!

9. Collect money and distribute gifts

10. Commit the money to your project and and hold on to tax documents! You’re done!

Walk-A-Thon Prize Ideas

  • Pizza parties for the class
  • Custom winners t-shirts
  • Ditch Day from school
  • Movie in class
  • Gift cards to restaurants
  • Video game gift cards (GameStop, Nintendo store)

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