School Stars

Hey now, you’re a school star, get your education on, go learn! All that glitters is gonna be Gold (or Royal, or Red, or Irish Green, or whatever your school colors are) when you let us know how we can customize this design for you. We’ll put in your school name and year and bada bing, bada boom, you’re showin’ school spirit like never before. HERE. WE. GO!   stars, school, distress, spirit, pride Read more »

Striped Run

This design has retro olympic vibes written all over it. And even if you weren’t around a few decades ago we hope you can still appreciate its spirited colors and fun font. So go for the gold (or better yet just get out there and have some fun!) at your fun run when your entire school rocks this tee. You all should even try running hand-in-hand. That’d be cool. Or awkward.   fun, run, olympics, colorful, school, athletic Read more »

Walk a Lot

These tennis shoes are made for walking and for raising money for your awesome school! Quick tip: don’t forget the hole punch for marking your kiddos’ laps! And water, of course. Get this customized with your school name and colors and really make it shine! And did you know that we have poly shirts as well? You know, to keep things a little cooler. Just ask!   Walk-a-thon, walkathon, walk a thon, jogathon, jog-a-thon, jog a thon, fundraiser Read more »

It’s a Great Day

Isn’t it a great day to be yourself? You are so many things! Maybe you’re a teacher, a coach, a parent, a leader or even a LION! Celebrate your school pride with this design. Not a lion? No problem! We can’t all be the king of the animal kingdom. Just let us know your school mascot and we’ll change it for ya!   School, pride, spirit, unity Read more »

Starry Fourth Grade

Ahhhh, fourth grade! Sight words and science museums, funny books like Frindle and all the Judy Bloom books -- do they still read those? Either way, fourth grade is going to be a sparking time. Add your school name and outfit those cuties straight to the top of the class! (And don’t worry. We can always print in boy colors, too!)   fourth grade, girls, stars Read more »