Neon School

Sure, this design may look patriotic at the moment. But what about if your school colors are Peach, Lime and Rusty Orange? We can do that too! Granted it will probably look strange (just to be honest) but it’s your shirt, your school and your colors--so just let us know and we’ll bring your vision to t-shirt life!   school, spirit, script, bright, pride, home of, Read more »

Reading Everywhere

It’s true, you know! Reading really can take you anywhere! Middle Earth, Mozambique, Minnesota or even the moon! So cozy up with this shirt (and a good book, of course) and get ready to journey to a new world. And when you’re finished please submit 3,500 words about what you’ve read, double-spaced, ELA format to   reading, book, fun, learning, education, school Read more »


Bob-bob-bob, bob-bob-a-cat! Ohh bah-ob-ca-a-at, lemme take your pa-a-aw ... you got me schoolin’ and-a learnin’ bob-a-cat! No? Nobody? Well we can’t all be well-versed in 1965 surf rock, can we? Settle for the next best and be true to your school by rocking this fierce yet friendly design. We promise it’ll be fun, fun, fun.   school, mascot, bobcat, simple, clean Read more »

My School is the Best

There are many ways to show pride for your school. We might be biased, but we think shirts are the best way. And guess what?! We’d like to sweeten the deal. Make these spankin’ new tees with your spankin’ school colors. Just choose from the color options above!   Heart, pride, school, pep, rally Read more »

Bear Pride

We’re not worried. We know you won’t bite. Right? Wear your bear pride that’s sure to strike fear and reverence (and encourage friendly competition) in any opponent’s heart! We’d love to show you this design in your school colors so just use the color picker and we’ll take care of the rest.   bears, pride, spirit, banner, school Read more »

6th Grade Rocks

You know back when I was in Junior High we had 7th and 8th grade. Yeah, there were a few child prodigy 6th graders who somehow snuck onto our campus everyday but still. We had 7th and 8th graders and that was it. Not to discriminate at all! But sometimes you just gotta put your common core math in the trash and throw it back to the good ol’ days. Hoo rah.   grade, rocks, colorful, school, spirit Read more »

7th Grade Rocks

I don’t know about y’all but I had a blast in 7th grade. We used to play murderba--I mean, dodgeball every time it rained, a whole personal pizza was $3.50 and I had two (yes, TWO) classes with my crush. Those were the days. Only thing that I was missing was this super awesome crazy cool shirt complete with my school’s name and colors. Yup. Didn’t have one of those.   grade, school, rocks, fun, text Read more »

Eagle Pride

Fun Fact: Eagles can dive at upwards of 100 miles per hour! Crazy, right? Another fun fact: they can go through over 4,000 teeth in a lifetime! Yup! 4,000! Oh wait--that’s a crocodile. Well whether you’re the Eagles or the Gators or the Pumpkins we can change up and customize this design exactly to your liking. Our designers are sitting by their phones (and mouses) ready to bring your school spirit to life!   mascot, pride, simple, school, spirit Read more »

Kindness is Cool

Did we even need to say it? Trick question. Kindness being the coolest thing ever might seem like common knowledge, but that doesn’t mean we all couldn't use the reminder now and again. And what better way to be reminded than to see it on the shirts of your students and teachers? Get this wholesome design in your school colors and make the kindness all yours!   kindness, anti-bullying, pride, spirit Read more »

Get Loud

Sorry--what was that? Sorry! Can’t hear you! You’re gonna have to speak up! No, SPEAK UP! THAT’S IT! LET’S GET LOUD! Show the away team whose house this is. Let’s get louder, shake the building and bring home a W! HERE WE GOOOO!!!!   school, spirit, sports, megaphone, loud, noise Read more »