Brushed Book

Be an open book! Put yourself out there! Make a friend and get to know them! And let them get to know you! Listen to what they’re saying! Let us know how we can customize this shirt exactly to your liking! Stay hydrated and don’t text and drive! Impact loves you!   school, book, read, spirit, year, established Read more »

Splatter Jog

Lace up the sneaks, do a few stretches and be sure to hydrate! Yeah, we’re big on hydration here at Impact. “A hydrated heart is a happy heart,” as we always say. Alright. So I just made that up. But it’s good advice! Especially if you’re at the starting line of your school’s jog-a-thon. Drink up, pace yourself, grab an awesome shirt and have some fun!   jogathon, run, children, fun, school Read more »

Mascot Pennant

This design is bright and strong just like your student athletes! Show your pride in brilliant blues or change ‘em to match your school’s native colors. Tigers aren’t your style? Well whether you’re the Falcons, Bears, Wombats or the Colored Pencils we can do it all! Just give is the details and we’ll handle the rest.   tigers, mascot, banner, pennant, team, pride Read more »

College Type

Some fonts are just totally recognizable. And some are timeless, like a solid, blocky, collegiate type. They command respect and they just ooze school spirit. That’s where we drew inspiration for this design. You know, to start with a classic and build off of it. No frills, all thrills. And yeah, purple and gold are classic, but we can change this up however you’d like. Just let us know!   college, school, simple, vintage, distressed Read more »

Bubble Text

We’re SSTTTOOOKKKEEDDDD on the retro, 70's-ish vibe that this design is putting out. And even if your little ones weren’t around a few decades ago we figure that they can still appreciate this. I mean, nostalgia is like, the thing nowadays, right?   retro, vibrant, bright, fun, school, i love Read more »

Class Letter

You love your school, don’t you? Then wear it over your heart--literally! And if you even want to go all out and print Red ink on a Light Pink shirt then all the better! We won’t stop you! And hey! The gentlemen can definitely wear pink too! It looks good and it’s in good stock! So don’t hesitate to order now! Big bang boom!   school, spirit, pride, pocket, letter Read more »

4th Grade Rocks

According to a popular education website that will at this time remain nameless so as to not infringe on any sort of copyright, 4th grade is a grade time for children to learn to begin to make ... predictions! So here’s one: we predict that this shirt is going to be the absolute HIT at your school. That is, after we customize it EXACTLY to your liking. You feel us? Good.   grade, rocks, school, spirit, colorful Read more »

Pocket Letter

Pocket designs are a fave around Impact Shirts. They’re often the most simple and clean and they’re tragically underrated. Send a strong but subdued message with this school pride tee. We have a team of designers who are ready to bring your shirt dreams to life. You do dream about shirts, don’t you? Hmmm. Maybe just us.   school, pride, letter, pocket, spirit Read more »

School Spiritsplatter

You gotta let kids have fun, ya'know? I mean here at Impact we appreciate cleanliness as much as the next custom t-shirt printer but sometimes you just gotta let children be children. That’s what Lysol is for. That’s how we approached the creation of this design -- one we’ve fondly dubbed “School Spiritsplatter.” Get it? Try the veal. We’ll be here all week.   splatter, fun, school, spirit, colorful, bright Read more »

Kinder Blockz

Bright colors, a rough-but-not-too-rough-around-the-edges font, some torn woven-ish sort of blocky thingies; this design has it all. Well, everything except YOU wearing it. But that can change! Get in contact with us now and we’ll walk you through the entire process! Not that we think that you couldn’t handle it yourself. You’ve just got your hands full already.   kinder, kindergarten, children, school, colorful Read more »