Free Hugs

Love is in the air! Sweetness (and safety) create a perfect storm in this lovable teddy bear design. Get this on some tees in your school colors if you’d like -- just let us know how you’d like these customized and we’ll make it happen!   elementary, teddy, anti-bullying, positivity, kindness Read more »

Tiger’s Pride

This design sports clean lines, pleasing shapes and a proud tiger -- perfect for taking on the toughest rivals! Make this fierce design your own with you school’s colors and name --  or even our own mascot. Just say the word and it’s done!   school, pride, tigers, rally, spirit Read more »

Class of Kindergarten

College graduation? Nah. High school graduation? Pssshh. Everyone knows elementary graduation is where it’s at. Celebrate the momentous occasion, the academic achievement, the mental prowess of graduating kindergarten. Not only can they identify letters but they might just be able to sit through an entire ceremony. That’s unlikely, though.   kindergarten, graduation, class, crayons, rainbow Read more »

Go Big

Go Big BLUE! or GREEN! or RED! or CHARTREUSE! The sky’s the limit with this design--and it’s only 2 colors! That means that it’s nice and cost-efficient so it won’t break the bank. So use those extra few dollars in your budget to buy foam fingers! or a new popcorn machine! or *cough* increased pay for teachers since they are the hardest working people ever. *cough*   bold, team, go, spirit, school, pride Read more »

You Can Sit

There’s plenty of room for everyone. And if not, then build a bigger table. Offer a chair to your classmates (or fellow teachers) with this bold, inviting design. Then share a snack as you get to know your new friend. But remember the hierarchy of snacks. Potato chips above pretzels and gummy snacks above, well, real fruit (duh).   sit, invitation, unity, diversity, school, spirit Read more »

Pride Script

Mascots, logos and whatnot--it’s all great. But sometimes you just gotta show your spirit by letting your school name speak for itself. No gimmicks, no tricks, no flash. Just simple and clean--with a little graffiti-type script to add a bit of character. And colors are totally up to you Just let us know how we can make this design yours!   school, spirit, pride, script, text Read more »

School Sun

Just think of all those bright, young whippersnappers, perched in their seats, books open, pencils freshly sharpened, wide-eyed and ready to learn about the 22nd President and long division and the atomic weight of ununhexium. Have them sport this sun-inspired design to perfectly mimic their bright and shiny faces. Here’s to the next generation!   sun, sunshine, school, spirit, pride, learn Read more »

School Handprints

We’re each so unique--from our passions to our family backgrounds--to our hand prints! But instead of using those differences to separate us, let’s use them to bring us together! There’s something to learn from everyone and, whether you’re young or old, it’s never too late to learn to appreciate and celebrate diversity. So go! Make a new friend, learn something you didn’t know before and most of all have fun!   handprint, together, school, spirit, diversity Read more »

School Notebook

I remember going back to school shopping back in the day. Pens, pencils, trapper keepers; all essentials. But notebooks--that’s where it was at. Truth be told, though, there was more doodling than note-taking. But I suppose it worked out in the end, huh? Get this awesome design for your diligent and studious pupils. And don’t worry if they draw. We may just hire them one day.   notepad, notebook, school, pride, spirit Read more »

Learn Play Grow

We often look back at elementary school as a simple time -- and in many ways it is -- but it also a time we spend building all the skills we need for basic survival! You teachers, staff, administrators and counselors have a huge job and we thank you! You deserve an apple on your desk. No, a basket. Know what? Let’s just make it an orchard.   teacher, appreciation, learn, grow, apple, ruler, elementary Read more »